Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Viewing Party

Tuesday’s weigh in…….I lost 2 more pounds!! Yeah!! By the way, we are having a viewing party at Dreamz on Sunday. For all of my friends at the Fitness Clinic, aren’t you excited about the viewing party?? This weight loss makes me look so forward to it!! I saw me, on national TV last night!! And this just generates more excitement within me. Tomorrow I am going to go shop for a dress. I am just last minute when it comes to shopping for clothes, period! And for the first time in my life, I will ride in a limo and the occasion will not be a sad one. I am 27lbs less than I was Sept. 14th and it shows, baby!!
This experience is such a humbling one. I just cannot thank God enough because it’s thru his divine intervention and powers that he has decided to use me as a vessel and put me on the hearts and minds of so many other people that are trying to obtain the same common goal. When you are thanking him for his many blessings he’s bestowed upon you, make sure you thank him again for me.
For those of you that really know what I have been thru since October 7, 2005, can attest to the ALMIGHTY “working” powers of God on high! I have come thru too much not to worship him! If you are going thru a struggle, my advice to you would be to always remain positive, surround yourself with positive people and join some kind of support group. Negative thoughts and actions drain your spirit! And what would you be without a spirit?? Tell’em science gurus – you would be Matter. Matter is objects that take up space and have mass. Now you can thank my 5th grade science teacher for that science tidbit for today.
I look forward to seeing all of you that will be there on Sunday night with me and if you will not, please tune in and watch on BET, 9pm CST. To all who are reading, I LOVE each and every one of you!! Thanks for stopping by…Today, let someone know that you care!

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