Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Weapon....

The viewing party was AWESOME!! Special thanks to all the people who came out and shared in my moment. It truly meant the world to me. Thanks for the well wishes, watching the documentary and supporting my blog. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for each of you. Everything was perfect in every way. Special thanks to my hometown folks!! You represented well!! Special thanks to Doris Sutton for pictures and Willie & Darlene Lee for video and support, you are the greatest!
Special thanks to my sister Daphne, for staying home with the kids to allow me time to watch the show at Dreamz. Thanks to ALL my family and friends who watch the show and sent texts of congratulations!! My laptop is still down and I cannot post to NING so for everyone who sent congrats that way thank you much!! I know that there are some on NING that do not follow the blog so if you reach my NING family before I do let them know that I am very appreciative of the love and support!!
And if I have forgotten any one, thanks to you too.
With all that said, today is the dawn of a brand new day, so it’s back to the basics for me. We weigh in this evening and I hope I am at least down by one. With all the excitement, I have not exercised since Thursday, shame on me. However, I did enough walking in the mall on Friday to constitute for that day at least. I have not been getting in enough water either but I have been eating correctly. So for all the bad I have done there was at least one good, lol. Speaking of bad, I have heard that there are a lot of negative comments on one of our local websites. However, I have made a personal choice not to read or partake in the comments. That’s life, I am prepared and to those of you who are making negative comments remember you can’t experience VICTORY while you’re talking DEFEAT. Before the documentary aired I knew that for all the positive things there also will be the negatives. So by all means express yourself, it’s your right. God covers me! Check out my picture!!

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