Saturday, October 10, 2009

You don’t have the power to control the rain, so Stop Blaming it on the Rain!!

Last week the fitness Guru, Matt, upped the game and I broke a sweat. My hair was wringing wet by the time I left the Fitness Clinic. I was forewarned about his classes and his style so I was a little apprehensive, at first, because I KNEW he would be determined to bring out the best or worst in me. I am 150% sure I want to live a healthier life style, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep me committed to my choices. With that said, I survived Matt’s class, TWICE! Although I do realize that I am not perfect and I will falter sometimes. However, in spite all of my imperfections, God has provided me with brand new mercies over and over and over again. I know each in every day, I wake up with “Obesity”, He has given me another day to get it right. Thank God for his saving Grace!!
I’ve met some great people at the Fitness Clinic. They are always so very supportive. As we, embark on this sometimes tedious journey, with the same goal in mind, we encourage each other. One of the members and I are from the same hometown and both still live in the area. However, we had to travel 30 miles outside the town to meet. We walk together on the days we are not in class, although she walks like she’s running a marathon, TOMORROW, I try my best to keep up with her.
On Thursday night after class, she and I spent about 2 ½ hours discussing choices. I will not go into the details of the conversations, however, after we hung up the phone my mind went into overdrive. Words such as self-love, self-respect, self-inflict, self-destruct, and self-worth came to mind. The similarity between the words, is very simple, they all start with SELF. This goes back to making a PERSONAL choice to RISE above whatever SITUATION you may have in your life to ACHIEVE your desired goals. Love yourself enough to make sacrifices and the best choices for your body. Stop playing the blame game and hold yourself accountable for your own actions and reactions.
I would be lying, if I said this process is a breeze, because it’s not. However, I have in my possession the strength and the courage to endure. I have the knowledge and the belief that when I fall short of my goals Jehovah Jirah - my provider- has brand new mercies just for me.
Matt, bring it on! I am proud to say to you thank you for your contribution in my new pants’ size!! I am down two sizes!!


  1. Way to go Shannon! Keep up all your hard work. I enjoy the conversations we have because it is hard trying to stay on the right track without support. Your conversations are my support because I am in this journey to do right all by myself.

  2. That Matt is something isn't I am very proud of you Shannon. Keep up the good work girl.
    Your team mate and sister in weight loss, Jara