Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Epiphany

As I am sitting here typing today’s entry, I am filled with so many mixed emotions. My heart is filled with sorrow, yet I know I must rejoice. "Weeping may edureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning!" Today marks the 4th Anniversary of my sister’s death. As I reflect over last week’s journey, my little four year old niece quickly comes to mind. I surely know her mom must be beaming in Heaven telling the other moms, “That’s my baby!” My niece and my daughter take dance on Wednesday evenings. In last week’s class, the girls performed tumbling activities. My niece, who is heavier than the other girls, had problems mastering some of the moves. As the instructor worked one on one with her, she was able to master some of the moves with assistance. I watched her take her place on the floor in defeat while the instructor worked with the other students. She then got up and began to practice on the moves. One word came to mind at that moment, TENACITY. She was filled with it! As I watched her overcome her struggles, my heart was filled with pride. This moment took me back to my own trials and tribulations; I encounter in my exercise classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I had an epiphany. If my four year old niece, who knows little about the benefits of exercise, can work through her adversities to gain triumph, surely, I, who can write a book on the benefits, can do the same. Therefore, I have gained a renewed strength and proclaim in the words of the Mississippi Mass Choir, “I’m not tired yet!” I’m going to end this entry by announcing, I lost 3lbs last night!!

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