Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Phoenix

First and foremost, I would like to thank Maria, BET, for your support this weekend. "You are a jewel...."

Wondering where I have been??

The last couple of weeks, I have been dealing with some personal issues. I remained true to my “new life style”. I exercised and was successful and lost 2 lbs last Tuesday, yeah!! However, that was short lived because I gained them back on last night. I’ve since learned from the Personal Trainer that if you are stressed, your body “reacts differently”. As I drove the thirty minutes home, I turned off the radio to meditate. It’s very important to take time to meditate, something I haven’t done in a while, shame on me. I took the time, even in the darkness, looking at all the beauty God created around me- the different trees, the branches on the trees, the leaves, the grass,- all the different colors of nature. Then I looked at the highway and imagined the vegetation that once covered its path, the dinosaurs that may have roamed the same path and thought of how awesome God is. He gave us the vegetation, then he placed blessing on his people to build highways and byways to make things effortless for us. How can we not praise him! He loves us and he wants us to be happy. Whether struggling with weight loss, any type of abuse, financial woes, marital problems, whatever the issue may be…we are his children and he wants us to be happy. I thought of all the stresses I’ve been faced with lately and realized some I can control, some I cannot….
So, like the mythological bird, the Phoenix, I built a nest around me and my stresses burned it to the core. Nothing remains within me, I am a broken vessel consumed by flames, my spirit has been broken, but in the midst of the flames, I arose anew. I have been REBORN! Thank God once again for his saving grace! Have a good one, because it is my plan for today!

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