Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Curve Ball

You know life is funny sometimes. It has its way of throwing curve balls. You are either going to dodge it, get hit head on, or be prepared to hit it. This time, I got hit head on! All last week, I ate all the right foods. I exercised every day. I drank my water and did not lose one single pound. I was devastated!! I felt like my body had let me down. I was angry. Here I am trying really hard to do something about this monster, Obesity, and he decides that he was not letting me go last week-not one pound of me. Rita explained that this will sometimes happen and I know that it will, but I am human. It was “support day” at the clinic. Which is good therapy, but I still left there mad at my body for not doing what I had set for it to do. I had a personal goal for myself and did not accomplish it. I felt defeated. I didn’t want to blog about it. I was just ready for the week to end. However if I must do this, I have to be real…so here it is.
When you are defeated, the devil positions himself in the right places to wear at your spirit. I stopped by Wal-Mart after class because I wanted to pick up a couple of items for Wednesday’s lunch. And guess who was greeted me at the door, that two horned, good for nothing, devil. I allowed him to get in my shopping cart. I now had an idea of how Eve must have felt in the Garden of Eden. The devil himself was trying to convince me to buy the “forbidden fruit.” It was a hard fight. He whispered things in my ear like, “you ate right last week and didn’t lose any weight”. He grabbed my shopping cart and proceeded to make my selections. After about as 15 minutes of fighting, I walked out the store and decided it would be best to leave the devil there alone with my cart, because I was too weak to fight. I went home, read my intro, said my prayers went to bed and vowed the next day that I would be prepared to hit the next curve ball.


  1. Good going Shannon, Don't let the devil defeat you. If you leave the room (store) he has not won. You are fighting a winnable battle, you just have to stay motivated and focused on your goal.

  2. Thank you for your support Tamecka, so you see "Ms. Perfect" is faced with temptations every now and then I am proud of you, you have been doing great this week.