Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Secret

Today, I did not do 100% of what is required of me. I have not veered from the plan and thank God, I haven’t overeaten. However, I did not journal any of my intakes the entire weekend. Good thing I remember most of my meals yesterday and today. Hopefully, I can muster up the strength to get it done before bed. However, every time I think about Barbara’s eyes looking at me because I didn’t do my daily entries, I know I must do it before going back to the clinic.
Enquiry minds want to know the secret to weight loss. I have been “dieting” for the majority of my adult life and now realize there is no quick, easy, magic way to weight loss success. So to answer the question, I am doing it the old fashion way. I have changed my eating habits and I exercise, daily. Three days a week, I go to the fitness clinic for support and exercise. It has been thus far, easy; with the exception of Rita’s workouts. However, I do not complain (not too much anyway) because I know this is for my good. Rita even sends home exercises for us to do, and she wants someone in the home to sign off on it after it’s complete, with their blood, just kidding. Once you realize there is no weight loss secret and there is not a quick magic fix, you can make the choice and be on your way to healthy living.
I love what I am doing and I love the clinic. It is one of Jackson’s best kept secrets. Although, I have to drive 30 minutes to get there it’s well worth the drive. Everyone is there for the same purpose, a healthier lifestyle. I am trying to encourage both of my sisters to join the next 12 week session because I am definitely doing it again. I know they will after they see how fine I am going to be after 12 weeks. I am visualizing myself right now in the advance class a year from now.
Off to my exercises, see you when I can…..

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