Monday, November 2, 2009

A time to Reflect....

Hi all! My son drop my laptop after Saturday’s post and corrupted the hard drive, therefore I will post when I can. A lot has been going on since l last posted. Last week’s weigh in I lost 6 lbs!!!
Even with the 6 pounds off, last week was overshadowed with grief. I was anticipating my Momma’s 3rd anniversary in Heaven on October 28th. However, once again life took a flicker out my flame. A very close and dear friend of mine, Rosetta, joined that heavenly host of angels on Oct 27. She and I have been friends my entire adult life. I met her on my 1st real job after college and we have been friends ever since. She was so full of pizzazz and spunk! It saddens me to think there will be no more early in the morning chats on holidays, no more reminiscing and outbursts of laughter as it regards to one of our many antics. She was a collector of angels, now she has become one. Girl I love you, and in the words of Buzz Light-year, to infinity and beyond! R.I.P. my sistah!
When Momma’s anniversary date arrived, the tone was already set due to Rosetta’s sudden death. Mere words cannot express, 3 years later…how I still feel about you, Momma. You were my everything. I know you would be so proud of me as I make a daily effort to do something differently about my weight. You have taught me so many things about life. I am who I am because of your nurturing spirit. I desire to be the kind of mother to my children that you were to me. I love you Momma! You taught me how to trust God, from whom ALL blessings flow.
When you died, I was lost. Day after day was a struggle living without you. But thank God for his tender mercy because the presence of your love was and is insurmountable. Thank you for coming to me in the form of the sunshine that brings warmth, the rain that quenches thirst, the wind that breathes life and the moon that sheds light on the darkness. Your legacy will live on forever.
I hope to see all of you sooner than last time. Keep the comments coming. Special thanks to Dr. Quinn, Jara; my weight loss partner, and my friend, Shonder, for your extra support on this journey! Also, to my daddy for being so proud of me!
Hopefully, I will have my laptop fixed soon.

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